Csalt is the ultimate adventure of experience, personal growth and Faith formation. Taught in the classroom of the big wide world, CSalt students surf their way through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Hawaii getting to know the God of the universe, His mighty calling on their lives and making friends for life along the way.

Csalt Academy is the official leadership training academy of Christian surfers Australia. CSA has developed a strong leadership culture and for this reason Csalt Academy is initially experienced as a yearlong leadership experience.

CSALT also offers two extracurricular electives that are designed to produce leaders in their subsequent vocations: CSALT media and CSALT sounds.


So whether you are the next award winning director, or destined to change the world with a guitar and a song; Or whether you feel called to competitive surfing at the highest level or to advance God’s Kingdom through surf ministry CSALT Academy will take your dreams and make them realities.

You’ve just gotta put your best foot forward… Then one in front of the other…

New Zealand Roadtrip SunsetsOur 2019 students stayed at this insane surf shack on the edge of Mt Taranaki. Yes this was our own private beach.Piha, New Zealand RoadtripThe 2019 Crew hunting barrels just before sunsetPiha, New Zealand RoadtripPiha, New Zealand is a beautiful iconic location on the North IslandROTE Island IndonesiaThe 2019 crew playing soccer with the localsROTE Island Indonesia AccomadationOur beach front luxury poolside Accommodation.. Yes we are back here for 2020ROTE Island IndonesiaJust a short boat ride south to our own private island and this left handerROTE Island Indonesia2019 student Isaac Ayres checking out the gnarley reef break ‘Petrol Bombs’ just out front of our accommodation


CSalt year one students set out on a journey of solidifying the foundations of their faith. They begin their year by exploring Biblical themes and truths with the help of seasoned and passionate educators. In Csalt the transfer of truth is integrated into the classroom of life so our students receive a dynamic educational experience that is not only informative but practical.

Year one students will not only journey through the biblical narrative but they will be taught how to accurately interpret scripture and contextualize it’s practical application into their own lives. Students will grapple with themes of Christian ethics, correlations between the old and new Testament, the implications of the death and resurrection of Christ and developing a sound doctrinal outlook by survey of historical texts and creeds.

As well as solidifying a strong foundation of faith for their lives CSalt year one students will explore what it means to be called by God into leadership not just in the context of Christian Surfers or the greater community of the Church. CSalt students will explore their solemn calling as leaders in industry, in the arts and in the market place, leaders in justice and Grace within today’s society in the hope they can lead many into the light of Christ’s love for them.

Csalt year one is the perfect environment for students to embark on a deep, reflective and personal journey with God. Through the sacred voyage of discipleship students will grow closer to God becoming more familiar with his nature through the light of personal revelation, focused study of his word and an emphasis on personal growth in leadership.


In year 2 CSalt students will primarily focus on the practical application of their faith. Having a sound understanding and confidence in what they believe they will then explore the question of how to live follower of Jesus in today’s society.

In year two students will explore both the achievements and the challenges faced by the great people of faith in history. They will dissect their methods, their cultural outlook and their practical application and I hope to learn how to be an effective conduit of the gospel in the world today.

In second year CSalt students will be required to partake in a three-month practicum of their choice. This will see them volunteering either interstate or international in a ministry field they feel aligns with their calling. This could be in a Christian surfer’s mission, a church, a school or an international mission or aid organization or project. Students tuition will be integrated with their practical learning within the CSalt course works desired outcomes.