Have you ever just felt like you could totally unplug? Do you wonder what it would be like to live a day in the shoes of someone on the other side of the world? What would you learn? What could you bring back with you to make your life happier… less stressed… more simple?



Run for Manhattan follows a group of young surfers who have sacrificed their phones and technology for a week on a remote tropical Island and are forced to interact in real time with the people around them.

The result of the social experiment with the boys is an honest, raw and quite confronting realisation of what they have in all of the gizmo’s and newest tech they lack in a strong sense of intimate connectedness and social identity.

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We managed to pull off an intense east coast premiere tour in September 2019 and due to popular depend from other parts of the country we decided to throw an online party and bring everyone together for a full interactive experience. Join you hosts Lucas, Peter and Jono as we introduce the film and why we produced it then head into the main event the Documentary then stick around a we will pull the students in for a rad online Q and A

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